Breast Augmentation


Whether you have naturally small breasts, uneven development or deflation after breastfeeding and weight-loss, breast augmentation may be a procedure you have considered.  The aim of this procedure is to not only increase breast size, but optimise breast shape. A lift or reduction of lower pole breast tissue may be advised in some patients with loose skin or droopy nipples.


The procedure is performed as a day procedure in a fully accredited hospital under General Anaesthesia.


Depending on the job you have, it is best to have at least 2 weeks off work, and/or help with small children for this time. You will need to wear a support bra for 6-8 weeks depending on the implant type. It takes this long for the implant pocket to fully heal and stabilise. You should avoid exercise until this occurs.


The total fee has 4 components, the Surgeon's fee, the Anaesthetic fee, the Hospital fee, and the implant cost. The Surgeon's fee is ~$6000 - $8000, the Anaesthetic fee is ~$1500, the implant cost is around ~$3000, and the Hospital fee is around ~$5000 as a rough estimate.

Medicare eligibility

Augmentation surgery is considered a cosmetic procedure in most cases, so Medicare and health insurance will not help to cover your costs. Conditions such as breast asymmetry, congenital defects and breast cancer may qualify for a Medicare item number. This will be determined by Dr Lisa during your consultation, and any applicable numbers will be given to you to check with your fund.