Dermal Fillers


Modern fillers are composed of a naturally occurring substance found extensively throughout the connective tissue of our bodies. These are turned over quite rapidly within the body, with approximately 1/3 broken down and regenerated every day. As we age this regeneration slows and overall levels decline, which is one of the factors in aging changes. Commercially available fillers are stabilised by cross-linking which prolongs their duration.

Cosmetic use

Dermal fillers are best used with aesthetic principles in mind- the aim is to look refreshed and rejuvenated, not overdone. Common areas of use are the cheeks, lips, chin and nose to enhance volume and/or structure.


The fillers are made from the same substances that occur in our bodies, so they are safe.
Severe complications may arise if filler is injected into an artery. This is fortunately a rare event. Risks can be decreased with a sound understanding of anatomy and careful technique.


There are many different brands of filler available, but they are all manufactured to the same rigorous standards. Using different concentrations and cross-linking technology it is possible to produce fillers with different properties allowing treatment at all levels of the face.

the procedure

After consultation and discussion of your desired outcome, Dr Lisa will choose the best product and volume to achieve this. Different fillers may be recommended depending on the areas you want treated- a soft filler is good for superficial wrinkles, but not good for deep structure and cheek volume. If this does not suit your budget, Dr Lisa will explain the best course of treatment and what compromises need to be made.


Most fillers have local anaesthetic included, so you will have areas of numbness. Normal sensation will return soon afterwards, but you should take care with hot food and drink until this occurs.
Immediately after treatment, you will notice a little redness and some swelling. Small bruises may also occur, although they more commonly appear the next day.
It is important not to massage the area or otherwise compress them after treatment. Avoid strenuous exercise and facial treatments afterwards.

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