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Hair Transplantation


Hair is an important part of our appearance and affects our interactions with others. It can set our mood and confidence level before we even leave the house, and we judge and assess others by theirs, albeit subconsciously. A healthy, full head of hair reflects youthfulness, attractiveness and success. Options for hair restoration have been limited and not well understood or trusted- until now.
FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) using NEOGRAFT is the GOLD standard in Hair Transplantation for Men and Women.


Although most individuals will prove to be good candidates, there are some prerequisites.
- No underlying disease causing the hairloss. This should be treated first.
- Enough donor hairs and a healthy recipient site
- Realistic expectations

the procedure

Hair transplantation is performed in our office under local anaesthesia. It is a long procedure, and takes much of the day to perform but we do our best to make sure you are comfortable throughout. You can take breaks as needed, and watch tv, work or nap during much of the procedure.
Components of the procedure are as follows:
- mark up your donor site and new hairline
- make sites for the transplanted hairs
- use Neograft to harvest follicular units from the donor site
- implants the grafts into the recipient area.

FUE Advantage

- Minimal Scarring
- Minimal Pain
- Fast recovery
- Minimal downtime
- Natural Results


We will provide you with a care sheet and take home pack to help look after your new hair post procedure.
We prefer that you have someone pick you up after the procedure, but you can arrange an Uber or Taxi if needed.
Downtime after the procedure is 1-2 weeks, depending on how discreet you wish to be.
You are able to fly the day after the procedure if you come from interstate.

Graft Extraction
Recipient Sites
Implanted Grafts
Courtesy of Michael Suzman, MD
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Courtesy of Venus Concept
Courtesy of Venus Concept
Courtesy of Venus Concept
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